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VP, Audience Strategy



Posted on Sunday, February 12, 2023

VP, Audience Strategy

Who We’re Looking For:

MyHealthTeam is looking for a VP of Audience Strategy. In this role, you’ll be responsible for growing the amount of highly qualified visitors to our social networks in the coming two years. You will lead a team of five (+ future growth) that finds new paid channels and optimizes the performance of those channels to deliver for clients and grow unique visitors every month. You will be directly responsible for managing a multimillion-dollar paid marketing budget that will continue to expand as our media revenue continues to grow.

You’ll be laser-focused on the goal of consistently delivering monthly campaign audience commitments for our media partners, and finding ways to expand our growth into new channels and more efficient use of existing channels. You’ll take responsibility for the audience quality (percentage of UVs that are diagnosed patients) we attract to our social networks. You will relentlessly track leading indicators of audience quality like time on site and click-through rates, as well as lagging indicators such as Crossix or Symphony. You will be the person who continually pushes the boundaries on how MyHealthTeam can reach more people facing chronic conditions and grow the visitors to our social networks. You will directly manage a team of paid performance marketers to deliver on active client campaigns that meet audience quality expectations. The paid performance team will manage a diversified portfolio of traffic sources and a sophisticated targeting strategy. 

In this role, you’ll manage a disciplined audience-forecasting approach that informs future sales commitments and optimizes for long-term revenue growth. You’ll regularly work with the sales and account management teams to understand client KPIs and our ongoing performance of delivering on those goals. You will use data to proactively identify incremental sales opportunities and areas of potential audience-quality risk. Your team is motivated to identify the optimal mix of audience quality, audience reach, and revenue opportunity to allow us to continue to be the top performer in the industry.

You will also manage a team dedicated to member acquisition. You will identify the appropriate acquisition budget and target CACs based on business dynamics across our more than 45 social networks. You will consistently A/B test ads and landing pages to optimize our conversion rates and improve member profitability.

You will develop a strong bond with your marketing peers who lead the CRM, SEO, Product Marketing, and Organic Social teams. You’ll work with them closely on a day-to-day basis. You will have a deep understanding of the current and potential audience contributions from these other marketing channels and how they perform for our media partners.

What We’re Looking For:

  • A people leader with past success in delivering audience solutions to support high-growth media sales at scale (over $100 million in ad sales) 
  • A deep understanding of audience channel mix and audience quality as it relates to ad sales pricing and optimizing for revenue growth
  • A proven track record of audience forecasting, specifically for supporting media sales opportunities in a growth environment 
  • Direct experience at a health media company or at a similar media organization with highly transferable experience
  • An aggressive growth mindset and comfort with taking informed risks to quickly expand audience and revenue (Constantly testing and learning is second nature for you.) 
  • A quantitative approach to problem-solving 
  • A creative strategist who gets excited by opportunities to leverage our unique market positioning
  • A strong leader, communicator, and cross-functional collaborator
  • Passion about making it easy for people facing chronic conditions to find the right people, support, and information they need to better manage their condition

MyHealthTeam is committed to creating an inclusive space where current and future employees are valued for their skills, experiences, and unique perspectives. Even if your experience does not check every bullet point, we still highly encourage you to apply. The best hires do not always check off every box of a job description.

This is a full-time, remote position. You are welcome to work in our downtown San Francisco office. We are offering a great opportunity to make a difference in the health care space.

  • Our corporate headquarters are in San Francisco, and we have teams on both the West and East Coasts.
  • Everyone at MyHealthTeam believes in the company mission, and we are committed to serving people facing chronic conditions.
  • This is a close-knit, hardworking company where everyone respects everyone else’s contribution to our success.
  • At MyHealthTeam, we believe in investing in people with diverse experiences and backgrounds to help improve the lives of people facing chronic health conditions. To do this, we seek to:
    • Attract and hire a diverse workforce
    • Cultivate an environment where colleagues feel welcomed and supported
    • Nurture the professional growth of employees

Company Vision

MyHealthTeam is a 90+ person, mission-driven company that creates social networks for people facing chronic health conditions. We believe that if you’re diagnosed with a disease such as multiple sclerosis, lupus, breast cancer, or diabetes (to name a few), it should be easy to find support, trusted information, and the best people around to help you. 

With social networks in more than 52 different chronic conditions and over 4 million members, MyHealthTeam is the fastest-growing social network in chronic health. Three years from now, if you’re diagnosed with a chronic condition, we believe your doctor will prescribe one of our social networks because being engaged there will actually improve health outcomes. We develop partnerships that empower and are transparent to our members. We believe that a business can “do good” while “doing well.”

Expected Salary Range

$175,000 – $250,000

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to careers@myhealthteam.com with the subject line “VP Audience Strategy.”